Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Nordic Cat Cut'n'Sew Tutorial

All Hanging Cut'n'Sew Christmas Tree Decorations
Construction Tutorial!

You Will Need:
*Small sharp scissors.
*A fine needle.
*Sewing thread.
*Embroidery threads: red, white, grey & dark brown.
*Small 10cm (4") Embroidery hoop - optional
*Seed beads red or white - optional
*Polyester stuffing.
*Red ribbon approx 3mm x 30cm
*Small 10mm bell.

1/ First embroider the 4 cat head pieces;  2 front & 2 back, following the guides printed on the cut & sew pannel. You’ll be using: Straight, Back, Chain & Statin Stitch, French Knots & Lazy Daisies. It’s also helpful to use a 10cm (4”) embroidery hoop if you have one.

2/ Then Cut out all pieces with a small sharp pair of scissors, cutting outside the thick dashed line for extra seam allowance.

3/ With a fine needle, first sew the tiny darts between the ears & below the chin for both front & back pieces. 

4/ Now cut a10cm piece of red ribbon thread it through the bell & knot the end, then it tack it, with knot facing outwards, to the seam under the chin. In the same manner a 20cm loop of ribbon, knot the ends together & tack to the seam on the top of the head.
- as shown below.

5/ Now (right sides facing) using a tiny back stitch, sew the two HEAD pieces together, front & back, enclosing the ribbons & bell inside the two. Whip stitch around the edges to stop any fraying.

6/ Now sew a line of back stitch under each ear, dividing the ear from the main HEAD. This way the HEAD can be stuffed whilst leaving the ear flat & un-stuffed

7/ Now stuff the cat head so he looks super cute & plump,
then very neatly sew up the opening. 
Now he’s finished!!

Hang him somewhere special, for everyone to see!  

 Please join us online & post photos
of your creations.